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#Some shits are better not to be known... yeah..FALLEN has finally opened the film-goers eyes to the other side...fucking excellent movie, minus the gory parts... war between a detective and a demon called Azazel, ring any bell??? yeah, the demon which can move from a human body to another by touches. A good movie and a very APOCALYPTIC ending. It's nice to watch this movie after having your shit frozen by watching the re-vamped 'Exorcist'. You'll feel damn good afterwards! Not exactly the same with BLADE though... too many jokes and the terrible thing is...bad acting!!! The storylines are OK, but not the too much superheroic shit. Not exactly a good modern-day Vampire movie.
#Fuck off Lecter!!!! Cradle of Filth won't be the same again. An absolute crapshit remix of 'Twisting Further Nails'. I am now glad to announce that Cradle of Filth might soon become the METALLICA of Black Metal. Thing that has to be avoided in the Black/Death Metal scene!!! On a more serious note though...appreciation goes to Dani and the pack for covering Venom's 'Black Metal', Iron Maiden's 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' and Sodom's 'Sodomy And Lust'. No shit.. they're good!!! And, the fave 'Lustmord..' was again re-vamped to give you guys/girls out there an extended 'chilling' session, re-titled as 'Lustmord..(the re-licking of carnivourous wounds)'. An excellent release, and you actually can 'digitally' scratch the stupid 'Twisting..' if you have (re)bought one..i wonder where the fuck is Manowar's 'Kill With Power' cover which was originally planned months ago....The same goes to other WASP and Sisters covers...
#Finally...Black Metal is exposed! to the most hypocrite British terrestial tv viewers...'Living With The Enemy' which was on air last Nov 4th, terribly shows that Black Metal is in fact just another taste of music. Dani, the leader of the pack don't even tried to be 'brave' enough to show what their 'Jesus Is A Cunt'/Masturbating Nuns really mean. By saying it was meant to be sarcastic is terribly wrong. I really don't think In-Your-Face-Blasphemies is part of an act of sarcasm.
#It's still the peak time of the re-emergence of thrash-y metal. Black/Death Metal bands...nearly everyone's doing it. There are good bands despite some 'sad' attempts by most of the revivalists... Check out December Wolves, rarely heard but yet have released two amazing albums.. nope, the latest won't let you to sit tight on your bed. An excellent combination of Thrash and Black Metal. No speed limit. Even Terrorizer mag agreed with me. The said, it's like listening to the Haunted and some epic Black Metal bands. I need to add one, it's like combining the perfect 'masturbating' riffs of Slayer, with the holocaustic drumming of Hellhammer(Mayhem) and the majestical sound of Emperor. Not forgetting certain Deicide's influences can be found here and there. If you are bored with the mellow shit produced by the extremes nowadays, then try this supershit. A psychologically-unbalanced release yet marvellous!!!
#Talking about revivalists, here goes again, The absolute, and most successful Thrash Metal revivalists, The Haunted have yet again coming up with a newer release, under the genius work of Jensen, is the Witchery. It's 80's Thrash Metal, Bay Area Thrash to be precise, with haunting lyrics and disturbing(not!) album concept...indeed.
#'Peccatum is an art, Peccatum is the feeling'. That's what THEY said when promoting the band. Combining the skills of Ihsahn, his wife and his brother-in-law (Thanx to Yng Yin for correcting me!) They take on what they prefer to call as Folk Metal. Though, there are loads of EMPEROR sounds in it despite their attempt to define as Folk Metal.


1. CRADLE OF FILTH-CD-Cruelty And The Beast ltd edition****1/2
2. MAYHEM-video-Live In Bichofswerda****1/2
3. DECEMBER WOLVES-CD-Completely Dehumanized****1/2
4. SEPULTURA-CD-Against***
5. TASYIM-demo-***
7. FALLEN-film-****1/2
8. BLADE-film-***


#Correction...CRADLE OF FILTH will appear on BBC2..not BBC1..on October 21, in programme called 'Living With The Enemy'. Will be featuring a mother and a sister of two COF 'die-hard' fans who will be following COF throughout their European tour dates...
#Also, out on October is a cross-shaped limited editon of 'Cruelty And The Beast', with new artwork plus 5 new tracks! This includes cover versions of SODOM's 'Sodomy And Lust', VENOM's 'Black Metal' and the re-named 'Shallow Be Thy Grave' as opposed to 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' by IRON MAIDEN. Also the total re-recording of the magnificient 'Lustmord And Wargasm'. The SAD part however, was the re-mix version of 'Twisting Nails Of Faith' in which they (In this case, i would blame Lecter!) finally tried to 'technochrize' the already good song. For fuck's sake, Stay Loyal to Metal Music!
#Clash Of The Titans 1998!!! SLAYER versus SEPULTURA. Scheduled for a 2-day-shows, will be held at the infamous London Astoria on November 26 and 27. Ticket priced at 14 quids and available through usual ticket outlets throughout UK. This would be the first SEP's new vocalist appearance in the UK soil. Nicknamed Derrick 'Giant' Greene, has filled in Max Cavalera's shoes, when the latter fellow decided to quit the SEPS and formed a hardcore-influenced, one dimensional, premature band.
Review of the most-anticipated gig of the year is assured! Check out this page soon!
#MAYHEM have released a Live video featuring raw live clips of 'Fall Of Seraphs','Chainsaw Gutsfuck' and lots more! Videos can be obtained from PHD distributors throughout UK, HMV or if by mail, through Misanthrophy Records.
#Halloween UK Black Metal Fest (Finally!!), will be held at Vampyria Club in Norwich on October 31. HECATE ENTHRONED will headline the fest supported by other few not-yet-mentioned bands. Ticket priced at 7.50 quids (door) or can be obtained from the Club in advance.
#MOTORHEAD, kings of the rock and roll, will be touring the UK this month. Check out local Box-Office to confirm the dates.
#CRADLE OF FILTH will be wrapping up their 1998 'Tour'turing Europe dates with two local shows at Glasgow and Sheffield Corporation. Both shows will take place in mid-December. Another review is assured!
#Also coming this Halloween, The Remastered Version, first time in Stereo surround, is the comeback of 'The Exorcist'. A classic tale of exorcism, possession and blasphemy! Note that this is quite surprising that it will be shown in the UK as the movie was banned before by the BBFC for potraying loads of blasphemous acts including cross-masturbating!


2.DARKEND-CD-Gothic Rock Compilation**


Go to the OZZFEST UK 1998 mega-festival review
Go to the Catharsis 1998 micro-gig review visual entertainment...Check out the adult animation series 'SouthPark'. True Adult, anti-establishment, anti-world theme. Making as if The Simpsons/Beavis&Butthead being made by Disney!
#Essential reading material...LORDS OF CHAOS, Highly Recommended!!! No hype, No exaggeration, Just a plain fucking truth!
#VAMPYRIA II, This second 'installment' of Vampire-fest will be held in Camden Town, London on Sept 27, 1998. Tickets priced at 20 pounds. Will be featuring (almost) everything you need to know about Vampirism. From Role-Playing to Music. From Fashion(?) to Movies. Special Guest includes Cradle Of Filth and Inkubus Sukkubus. Also there will be loads of stalls, awards ceremony, merchandises etc. Tickets are now available from Resurrection Records or StarGreen Box Office(credit Card Payment)
#Bloodstone, the first (Is it?) official magazine for Vampires, now in its 'Launch' issue, now available from Forbidden Planet Stores nationwide or Dark Angel Productions if by post.
#EMPEROR, kings of furious art, will return with their new album scheduled to be out at the end of this year. Remastered version of their previous albums, 'In The Nightside Eclipse' and 'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk' will be released in October featuring added bonus tracks never before released!
#CRADLE OF FILTH will appear in BBC's Documentary entitled 'Living With The Enemy' which will feature the whole story (Not Exactly All!) of the lifestyle of Britain's Metal youths. Scheduled to be screened in October.


1. THE HAUNTED-CD-The Haunted****
2. HYMNS TO THE FALLEN-CD-Featuring Hecate Enthroned and Enthroned****
3. DIMMU BORGIR-CD-Godless Savage Garden****
4. World Domination Live-video-Featuring Dark Tanquillity, Enslaved, Bewitched, Della Morte, Swordsmaster and Demoniac****1/2
5. SLAYER-video clip-I Hate You***
6. AT THE GATES-video clip-Blinded By Fear****1/2
7. CANNIBAL CORPSE-video clip-Devoured By Vermin***
8. LORDS OF CHAOS-book-The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground****1/2
9. FEAR FACTORY-CD-Obsolete****
10. APOLLYON SUN-CD-God Leaves (And Dies)***
11. X-Files-Film-Fight The Future****1/2
12. SEPULTURA-Advance 1-Track CD-Choke**1/2



1. CRADLE OF FILTH-CD-Cruelty And The Beast****1/2
2. SLAYER-CD-Diabolus In Musica****1/2
3. COVENANT-CD-Nexus Polaris****
4. CANNIBAL CORPSE-CD-Gallery Of Suicide****
5. THE CRAFT-video-****1/2
6. HECATE ENTHRONED-CD- Dark Requiem****
7. X-FILES-video- Patient X/The Red And The Black****1/2
8. X-FILES-video- Emily****




1. IMMORTAL-April 11, Bradford Rio
2. Dynamo Open Air Fest-May 29-31, Holland inc. Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Death, Emperor + lots more
3. DEICIDE-June 11, London Astoria 2
4. MORBID ANGEL-to be announced soon
5. CRADLE OF FILTH-June 5, London Astoria
6. Ozz-Fest-June 20, Milton Keynes Bowl inc. Slayer, Soulfy, Fear Factory, Type O Negative + lots more


1. MORBID ANGEL-CD-Formulas Fatal To The Flesh****1/2
2. SADNESS-video clip-Heretic****
3. UNLORD-video clip-Schwarzwald***

JAN/FEB 1998

Click here for the actual photos taken from the gig !!!

#Yesszzzz... I'm back on track after a long gothically-inspired tours and holidays. Coming soon is the review of Morbid Angel's latest debut 'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh'. Also, at last, actual photos taken from the Cradle Of Filth's recent gig in London will be uploaded onto the review soon. Not to forget, as everyone knows, Cradle Of Filth's precious style of its own identity has been vandalized by the usual I-am-evil posers! Cradle Of Filth's fans will now be known as trendies or in other words, they have been commercialized! Well, FUCK OFF!!! A small article on the latest trend of RIP-OFF and COMMERCIALIZATION will emerge soon....i.e. the COF re-visited,retro-metal comeback, the vampire trend and more.

#Coming up gigs and events....DYNAMO open air music fest which is scheduled to be held in Holland on May 29-31, 1998. Will feature more than 60 bands on three stages for three days. Ranging from Black Metal To Death Metal, Power Metal to Heavy Metal, Industrial, Gothic and Doom. There will be more than 70 departure points from the UK. The review of the event, however, is not promised as the date seems to clash with my upcoming exams. Shit. Again, Cradle Of Filth will be invading London Astoria for the second time on June 5, 1998. A lots of new songs from the upcoming album 'Cruelty..' predicted to be played live as the date is just 1 month from the scheduled release date of 'Cruelty..'. Review however, is not promised. It depends. And shit again.

#Yep... if anyone missed it.. the reviews have been completed.... Check out Cradle Of Filth's X-Fest and Black Sabbath re-united gig now..!!

#More news on Death Metal to come...Death Metal is predicted to resurrect in 1998 !...DEATH will re-unite, MORBID ANGEL will release a new album 'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh'.. this time without the long-time frontman David Vincent.

#EMPEROR..EMPEROR..EMPEROR..The reigning king of Sophisticated Black Metal Art and Musick !!! This time, they conquer the Terrorizer's Poll for Best Band and Best Album Of The Year with 'Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk'...
CRADLE OF FILTH, however manage to get the second spot... right behind SLAYER for all time 50 favourite bands....
Dani Himself took the first spot for the Most Shaggable Male (!!!) reigning together with Tairrie.B (Tura Satana) for Most Shaggable female...
Worst band...was MARILYN MANSON...Looks like the Industrial/Shock Rock band was not widely accepted by metal/satanic heads....because of his attitude I suppose...

#MTV's SupeRock Is Becoming SuperCrap !!! More or less...numbers of extreme music shown is decreasing (maximum 4 for a 2-hours show !). And the host herself..Ms. Julia 'Bitch' Valet..knows nothing about metal music !! VH-1's Friday Rock Show is far more better than SuperRock now. At least they're showing clips that was meant to be shown. Not repeating the same crap..again and again...
Fuck Off Julia Valet !!! Stop The CrapBitchingTalk !!!

Audio/Visual Playlist Of The Month

1.ABYSSOS-CD-Together We Summon The Dark****1/2
2.PARADISE LOST-video clip-One Second***1/2
3.CRADLE OF FILTH-video clip-Malice Through The Looking Glass****1/2
4.VENOM-video clip-Evil One**
5.MOONSPELL-video clip-Second Skin****1/2
6.SUNDOWN-video clip-19****
7.HYPOCRISY-video clip-Roswell 47****
8.DEVIL'S ADVOCATE-Film-****1/2
9.TYPE-O-NEGATIVE-video clip-My Girlfriend's Girlfriend****1/2
10.SEPULTURA-video clip-Sepultura 'attitude'****1/2
11.ACHERON-CD-Lex Talionis/Satanic Victory****1/2
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