The X-files' official website heavily -updated future synopsis !!
Temple Of The Vampire Another vampire cult
Malaysian Metal Madness Mr. Batara Guru Langsuir's Asian Metal site !!
Search Engine Of The Occult
Impiety official website Mr.Shyaithan's Black Metal site..salute thee..
HARAKAH internet edition A good read..indeed !
another web-based chatforest..library..courtyard..etc...
Devourment Of Soul Devourment Of Soul site..Mr.Hafiz's
East Gothic Productions EGP...Mr. Azlee's
School Of Engineering, University Of Northumbria at Newcastle's the school of mine
AnjungCafeYet another web-based chat
the #kelate page Long Live kelate-sian !!!Under Mr. Bakhry's initiative....
Anwar Reformation OnlineA mirror Site, as the previous one was abolished the bastards!

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