There are vampire legends dated as far as 125 AD, when one of the first known vampire stories occured in Greek. Vampire legends originated in the far East and made their way west with caravans along the silk route to the mediterranian. From there they spread up into the Slavic lands and the Carpathian mountains ( where the name itself originated, actually). The Slavic people has the richest vampire legends in the world. They were originally more related to Iranians, and they migrated to where they are now around the 8th century.

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The stories on DEMON DEATHS !!!

Here's some details ( for full details.. buy the fuckin' book ! ) on the stories inside DEMON DEATHS by Brad Steiger. The stories on ritual rape, torture and murder concentrating on the work by hardcore, organized satanic movement which steadily brainwashing, abducting and killing.

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